Social Media Merkiting Test in Upwork

Upwork  Social Media Marketing Test Answers 2013

Question:1  What methods of social network marketing should a company always use?
Ans: Depends on the company, their product, their audience

Question:3  What is meant by Brand Management?
Ans: The company executive management team.

Question:4 Which of the following is an important aspect of creating blogs and posting content?
Ans: Posting at least once a month to the blog.

Question:5  What is a “call to action”
Ans: Giving an advertisement’s receiver a specific direction such as “visit the site”.

Question:6 What is a “vlog”?
Ans: New technology to aid in blogging

Question:7 What can a company do on Facebook apart from their page to create a following?
Ans: Use Groups, both company originated and posting to other group.

Question:8  In a company who should own the social marketing plan?
Ans: Head of Marketing.

Question:9 What is meant by “micro-blogging”?
Ans: Blogs with limited individual posts, limited by character count typically.

Question:10  What is meant by A/B testing in marketing?
Ans: Testing 2 versions of an advertisement to see which elicits the best response.

Question:11 What Place does Pricing have in marketing?
Ans: Different Pricing levels can be the pricing level relative to competition is important

Question:12 What would the marketing budget section of a marketing plan detail?
Ans: The expected costs for each ad campaign based on the delivery method

Question:14 How often should a marketing plan be revisited?
Ans: As often as needed in order to revisit the plan of action and revise any new actions

Question:15 Which of the following would be leveraging both social network and traditional marketing?
Ans: A print advertisement in a magazine which drives people to a website where there is a free trail offer.

Question:16 How does creating a social network marketing plan differ from a traditional marketing plan?
Ans: There is no need for a social marketing plan, but social marketing plan is required for traditional marketing.

Question:17 What should be the length of an blog post?
Ans: A few sentence mixed with several links to other sites and references.

Question:18 Why is there no specific definition of what is social media marketing?
Ans: The concept is relatively new compared to traditional marketing and is still being defined.

Question:19 What is meant by the “blogosphere”?
Ans: The interconnected community of blogs via linking to each other

Question: 20 How do ebooks represent a from marketing?
Ans: They are often free, include useful information, and direct the reader onto the company which created the ebook for.

Q-1What feature does LinkedIn offer for pay accounts?
a. Ability to post pictures
b. Increased abilities to connect directly and send messages to people
c. Ability to post in Groups and create a Group
d. Ability to block users

Q-3 Why is it important to post to a blog regularly?
a. It reduces the cost per blog post
b. Keep readers engaged and also gives search engines content to index
c. It gives the social media marketing specialist something to do
d. It allows more chances for the company to put down the competition

Q-4 How can a company use the same material for both traditional and social network marketing?
a. Posting a luring comment on Twitter to the company site
b. Selling ad space on the company website
c. Utilizing a television ad campaign online as well on their site and sites such as YouTube
d. Creating a magazine print ad with the company website

Q-5 How is site traffic useful in evaluating marketing?
a. Overall site traffic can be followed and a general idea of marketing's impact on it can be determined
b. There is no correlation site traffic and marketing
c. Ads can send receivers to a specific landing page, which can be tracked
d. Product sales from the company website can be attributed directly to the marketing campaign

Q-6 How does YouTube serve a dual purpose in social media marketing?
a. It can be used as a company blog as well as video advertisements
b. It can be used for company pictures and videos
c. It can be used to host the company website as well as videos
d. It can be used as the forum for dispersing company videos, as well as a host when embedding videos in sites outside of YouTube

Q-7 How can LinkedIn serve the company aside from social network marketing?
a. Job openings can easily be dispersed to qualified candidates on LinkedIn
b. Company pictures can be posted to the profile
c. Negative press about the competition can be easily spread
d. Pricing lists can be posted

a. It tells customers what products to buy
b. It can be used to talk negatively about the competition
c. It is typically used as the way to disperse company coupons
d. Typically a blog does not directly create sales

Q-9 What is “guerilla marketing”?
a. Marketing geared towards animal lovers
b. Marketing which relies on time and energy rather than a large dollar budget
c. Aggressive sales techniques
d. Marketing using a large scale national budget

Q-10 What non financial measure of marketing is important to track?
a. CEO performance
b. Number of new hires in marketing
c. Number of impressions
d. New customer acquisition

Q-11 Why is it important to have a company blog hosted on the company web domain versus a third party blogging site?
a. Required by law
b. Search engine rankings will include hits on the blog as part of the overall website hits
c. Requires less effort to maintain
d. Cannot be hacked easily

Q-13 How can a company convert posts on Twitter to sales?
a. Write demanding points about the competition
b. Write posts about personal information of the CEO
c. Creating posts which drive followers to their site
d. Constantly post updates about how the company needs more sales

Q-14 What does the product portion of the 4 P's of marketing focus on?
a. The product of service being marketed to consumers
b. The manufacturing process
c. How the price will be set for the product
d. How the new product will be promoted

Q-15 What is the general purpose of posting a video blog routinely to YouTube?
a. It allows the company to hard sell its products
b. It allows the company to drive website traffic to its blog
c. It can be used to disperse the company contact information
d. It allows followers to create a personal connection with the employees of the company

Q-16 Which type of marketing would a company blog be considered?
a. Social Network Marketing
b. Traditional Marketing
c. Both
d. Neither

Q-17 What additional feature does Facebook have that helps engage in a dialogue with followers?
a. Ability to leave message for each other
b. Ability to chat live
c. Ability to post updates live
d. Ability to post updates from a mobile device
e. All of the above

Q-18 Why is Facebook the most well rounded social networking marketing space?
a. It has been around the longest
b. It does not cost any money
c. It allows for video, short posts, long posts, articles, pictures-all aspects of other sites combined into one
d. It allows for pictures

Q-19 What is meant by the concept of “viral” in social media?
a. Social media which is spread to viewers by the consumer, growing in popularity
b. It is a method of branding a company
c. Advertising which can easily be emailed
d. Marketing advertisements which are not serious

Q-20 What is the term adopted for updates by Twitter users?
a. Tweets
b. Twoots
c. Twinks
d. Posts

Q-21 What would be the marketing budget section of a marketing plan consist of?
a. The cost to write the plan
b. The expected costs for each ad campaign based on the delivery method
c. The overall marketing budget for a year
d. The marketing personnel job descriptions

a. Form of blogging
b. A social networking site
c. Interconnected and user generated knowledge management systems
d. A tool for posting to social media networks

Q-23 What is the method for being linked to other users on LinkedIn?
a. Followers
b. Connections
c. Friends
d. Associates

Q-24What does updates to Facebook status resemble most closely?
a. Video blogs
b. Posts on Twitter
c. A company white page
d. Articles on LinkedIn

Q-25 What is one measure a company can use to validate the usefulness of its video posts on YouTube?
a. The number of followers
b. The amount of views of the video
c. The number of videos the company has up
d. The sales volume of the company

Q-27 What is meant by “Marketing Creative”?
a. The employees in the marketing department
b. The content for marketing and its creative aspect
c. The methods used to distribute marketing material
d. The branding image of the company

a. Media Optimization
b. Consumer Generated Media
c. Advertising Socialization
d. Consumer Media Advertising

Q-29 How can a company place itself as an expert in a certain area of expertise?
a. Post updates which brag about the company
b. Actively answer questions in the Q&A section of the site
c. Post comments on competitors pages stating how they are inferior
d. Answer questions in all categories, even ones the company is not in business of.

Q-30 What style of blogging would be most effective for building relationships with customers?
a. Using the blog only for press releases
b. Posting resumes of the company officers
c. Posting articles about how terrific the company is, and putting down the competition
d. Writing posts about the company and its ups and downs from inside, personalized approach

Q-31 What traditional marketing technique is YouTube closest to?
a. Print advertising
b. Television advertising
c. Radio advertising
d. Mail Advertising

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Q-32 What does the Answers section of LinkedIn allow people to do?
a. Users to post questions directly to companies
b. Post questions based on a category, and receive responses from experts in the field
c. Posts links to the company press releases
d. A meeting place for new connections

Q-33 What do Connections on LinkedIn effectively represent?
a. Random strangers who found the company
b. People the company has sold product or services to
c. An avenue to disperse coupons
d. People and other companies the user is connected to directly

Q-34 What is the character limit for posts on Twitter?
a. No limit
b. 100 characters
c. 140 characters
d. 200 characters

a. New product launches
b. Significant company news
c. Occasional day to day posts of interest
d. All of the above

Q-37 What type of status updates would drive visitors to the company site?
a. An update telling friends they hope to see them all soon
b. A link to a new press release hosted on the company site
c. A link to a third party hosting a company press release
d. A picture of the CEO

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Q-38 How can a company ensure that the proper audience finds their YouTube videos?
b. There is no method to effectively direct people to the company videos
c. Use of keywords
d. Sending out mail advertisements

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Q-40 What is “social media optimization”?
a. Creating content which easily creates publicity via social networks
b. Writing clear content
c. Creating short content which is easily indexed
d. Hiring people to create content for social networks

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